No need to go to gym anymore! Do these exercises and see the result!

Tabata workouts are super effective and time efficient for incinerating fat in four-minute intervals. They are not for the faint-hearted – but do deliver some serious benefits that will help improve your conditioning and fitness levels.

A tabata workout is perfect for those with little time to spare throughout the day – and doesn’t require a gym presence.
Try this calorie-burning routine in the morning to kick start a great day! Follow the below routine to get started!
20 seconds on – 10 seconds off – start next exercise – and repeat!



Begin this exercise in a push-up position. Bend the knee and bring one leg towards your body until your knee is close to your hip.
Reverse the position using an explosive movement until the original leg is straight and the opposite knee is now at your chest

10 seconds rest

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  • Alina Monday 8th May 2017 17:49pm

    Thanks a lot for this article. I want to quit my gym, coz actually I have been there 3 times and paying already for a year. Operation bikin started )))